Host Sponsor Policy

Host Network Policy for Indoor Digital Display Network Co-op Program
  1. Introduction:
    • Our indoor digital display network co-op program aims to cultivate collaboration among hosts to amplify the reach and effectiveness of our advertising network. Hosts play a pivotal role in expanding our network and delivering value to businesses within the local community.
  2. Host Requirements:
    • Hosts must operate a legitimate business establishment within the designated local community where our digital displays will be installed.
    • Hosts must agree to host our digital displays within their establishment, adhering to the installation guidelines provided by our company.
    • Hosts must commit to promptly report any technical issues to our support team for resolution.
    • Hosts are NOT required to perform any maintenance on the digital displays.  Our support team will ensure all digital displays are in good working order.
  3. Advertising Content Guidelines:
    • Hosts must adhere to our advertising content guidelines, ensuring that all displayed ads comply with local regulations and ethical standards.
    • Hosts are responsible for reviewing all ads displayed within their establishment to ensure they align with their business values and target audience.
    • Hosts will promptly notify the company in the event of any ad that is not aligned with their business values and target audience.
  4. Co-op Program Participation:
    • Hosts must actively participate in the co-op program by allowing ads from other local businesses to be displayed on the digital network within their establishment.
    • Hosts are encouraged to collaborate with other hosts and local businesses to cross-promote products, services, and events through the digital display network.
  5. Data Privacy and Security:
    • Hosts must prioritize the privacy and security of customer data collected through the digital displays within their establishment.
    • Hosts are prohibited from sharing or selling customer data to third parties without explicit consent.
  6. Compliance:
    • Hosts must comply with all legal and regulatory requirements related to advertising and data privacy within their jurisdiction.
  7. Termination of Host Partnership:
    • Our company reserves the right to terminate the partnership of any host found to be in violation of the host network policy or engaging in unethical or illegal practices.
    • Hosts may also choose to terminate their participation in the co-op program with prior notice to our company.
  8. Modification of Policy:
    • Our company reserves the right to modify the host network policy at any time to reflect changes in industry standards, regulatory requirements, or business needs.
    • Hosts will be notified of any policy changes and are expected to review and comply with the updated guidelines accordingly.
By adhering to these host network policies, hosts can contribute to the success and integrity of our indoor digital display network co-op program while maximizing the benefits for their own businesses and the local community.

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